The bcc accommodates more than 1,500 participants with spacious exhibition and communication areas. Bothconference rooms and exhibition areas are distributed among the levels A, B and C. The different exhibition areas allow for intensive networking for instance in the spacious lounge areas.


Level A


Level A provides open spaces for best-practice dialogues, panels, workshops and dialogues as well as lounge areas and diverse presentation areas for exhibitors. The format “Arena of Solutions" creates the opportunity for individual networking on this level.


Level B


Level B features halls for the panels, rooms for best-practice dialogues as well as a spacious catering area. Additionally, this level provides space for open lounge areas at the centre and classical exhibition booths at the margins.


Level C


The unique domed hall which will accomodate the plenary sessions during the conference is located on level C. The federal government, the federal states, innovative municipalities, international guests and other partners of the conference will present themselves at this level. The level is characterised by a combination of exhibition and communication areas. Exhibitors have the possibility to choose between a classical exhibition booth and a lounge.


Ground plans and up-tp-date information on partner booths can be found here.