Plenary Sessions



Plenary sessions create the framework of the congress: In opening and closing sessions of both congress days, national and international experts as well as the patron of the congress will discuss the future of the state, governance and the society in a modern, digital world.


Future Panels



In the Future panels, representatives from public administration, science, politics and the industry as well as consulting services will discuss the central tasks of governance modernisation and the digitalisation of the community by contributing their points of view and experience. A clear role allocation and critical questions by the audience will help create an atmosphere in which controversial discussions and interactive approaches are possible.


Future Workshops / Future Dialogues / Future labs



Future workshops, dialogues or laboratories allow for flexibilty both in time and content and creative methods for ideas and solutions, be it Round Table, World Café, Design Thinking, 6-Hats-Method, Attribute Listing, Townhall-Meeting or any other preferred method. Both speakers and participants will work on innovative solutions for challenges in the scope of governance modernisation and set milestones for the future. Sessions can be planned as workshop, dialogue or laboratory by stressing on a communal process of discussion and learning.


Best-Practice Dialogues



Best-Practice dialogues allow partners of the congress to present successful projects, achievements and methods of resolution for the modernisation of state and governance in slots of 45 minutes. Including business and administration experts will help take into consideration success criterias when implementing transformation projects.


Arena of Solutions


„Show your Solutions“


The Arena of Solutions serves as a laboratory in which new technologies, intelligent products and systems and their application around the field of public administration can be presented to a selected audience in slots of 20 minutes. This meets the demands of many companies and users to directly show or experience something "on screen". Subsequently to the presentation partners will have the opportunity to continue their conversations with interested participants in the "Arena Lounge".

Slots and discussions are ordered according to the following life events and will be presented by staff of Fraunhofer FOKUS:


> G2B: Foundation of a company, production, economical relations, closure of a company, personnel
> G2G: Procurement, finance, transparency, participation, legislation
> G2C: Family, education, employment, accomodation, retirement
> G2E: Employment, further education, duration of employment, promotion, salary


Public Sector meets ...


Globalisation and digitalisation produce and accelerate considerable changes. Our world is not only becoming faster and bigger but also more colourful and diverse. In order to persist in this "big world" we have to specialise at the same time: Increasingly, we live and work in "networks" and "communities". Possibly, and probably without our knowledge, the world and our perspectives to it are thus minimising. The format "Public Sector meets..." deliberately focusses on processes of change and reflects the expectations of other "communities" in order to learn from their experience. This may include an exchange with the target group "young adults", immigrants or other industries from the service sector.




"What are your lessons learnt?"


Personalities with experience in leadership recount their experience and "lessons learnt" in the form of an interview with subsequent questions by the audience. The intended focus is on possibilities for change, effective solutions and the prevention of particular situations in the light of what they know today. This will allow for direct questions by the participants and aims at setting impulses for their own spheres of work.


Exhibition, Networking & Get-together


The trade exhibition is at the centre of an extensive networking concept. Classic exhibition booths allow companies to showcase their innovative products and solutions to an expert audience. In lounges, participants and presenters have the possibility to establish new and consolidate existing contacts. The Get-together on the evening of the first day of the congress takes place in the middle of the exhibition ground on level B.